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The Farrell Law Group has spent more than 30 years helping people buy franchises. Our law offices are in Raleigh, North Carolina, and we have built a nationwide franchise law practice. However, most of the people we help to buy a franchise come from Raleigh, Cary, Chapel Hill, Durham, Wake Forest, Durham County, Orange County, and Wake County, North Carolina.

What Are Franchises?

Essentially, when you buy a franchise you enter into an agreement to use the business plan that another person has devised. You become a franchisee, and set up an ongoing relationship with the franchisor, the person or organization that owns the trademarks to the franchise and the business concept.

With franchises come the rights to use the name and sell the products. Many franchises also involve following an operations manual, and a carefully planned system for every aspect of your business. For large franchises, set up is carefully monitored, as are the daily operations of the business.

Helping you Investigate a Franchise

You should never buy a franchise without first investigating the franchise carefully. When clients come to us hoping to buy a franchise, we work with the client to review the franchise offering, and to contact others who have bought the same franchise. If they are unhappy about their franchise, it is very likely that we will advise that you do not proceed.

Our attorneys could simply push each client who wants to buy a franchise through the UFOC and other aspects of the process without worrying about whether the venture has a reasonable chance of success. When we assist clients, it is important to us that our services lead to positive results.

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