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Franchise associations are valuable tools for franchisees. An association allows franchisees to form a united front, and deal with problems more effectively. Franchise associations allow for:

  • A united voice in dealing with a common franchisor
  • Leveling the playing field in negotiations with franchisors
  • Educational opportunities for franchisees
  • Increasing buying power to negotiate lower prices
  • Creating realistic solutions and procedures for dispute resolution

The attorneys of The Farrell Law Group can guide clients in forming franchise associations, or help existing franchisee associations with legal matters. We also represent franchisors in their dealings with franchisee associations. We have a diverse, all-encompassing franchise law practice, and our knowledge and experience is sought by clients nationwide.

How to Create a Franchise Association

It only takes a few committed franchisees to begin an effective franchise association. Since franchisors can often (and unreasonably) be resistant to franchise associations, the initial steps in creating an association can be critical.

We recommend having several meetings with your fellow franchisees to work through all the aspects of your plan: dues, membership requirements, etc. One issue that can come up is how to divide the voting power among franchisees. Should a franchisee who has more than one franchise get more voting power than one who has only one?

The earlier you consult with a lawyer in these issues, the better. Early investment in the advice and counsel of an experienced attorney can save tremendous strife and expense in the long run. And of course, the legal requirements of creating the franchise association must be handled by a lawyer who is knowledgeable in franchise law.

Dealing with Franchise Association Problems

Creating a franchise association is only the beginning. Established associations must deal with innumerable issues. Just a few are:

  • Contract negotiation and other issues with franchisors
  • Disputes with franchisors or individual franchisees
  • Strategic planning
  • Management of the supply chain
  • Building franchisee equity

The Farrell Law Group is committed to establishing and maintaining long-term relationships with clients. Our attorneys will assist you with any issues that arise throughout the life of your franchise association.

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