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Since 1972, the Farrell Law Group has assisted countless businesses throughout the United States expand through franchising. Lead attorney, Richard W. Farrell, literally wrote the book on franchising businesses. The third edition of his book, Franchise It! A Guide to Franchising Your Business, was published in 2004.

We strongly encourage people wondering whether to franchise a business to familiarize themselves with some of the most important points of franchise law. What follows is a summary of a few salient points in our brochure, FAQs on How to Franchise Your Business. Please refer to the full text, or to Mr. Farrell's book for more information.

Franchising Basics

When you franchise a business, you are not selling actual businesses. You are selling a method of conducting a business. You trademark the business plan that has brought you success, and allow others to use this method. This makes you a franchisor and those who use your business plan franchisees.

There are two main types of franchise agreements. Both involve ongoing relationships between franchisors and franchisees.

  • Simple franchises can involve little more than an agreement between a supplier and dealer. The supplier is the franchisor and the dealer is the franchisee. The dealer uses the supplier's trademark or trade name to sell a product.
  • Business format franchises are more complex. When you have a business format franchise, you sell a complete system, including a marketing strategy, operating manual and other aspects of a business' concept.

Can you franchise your business? It depends on the way your business functions. If you have a unique product or style that can be systematized and replicated, you could do well with a franchise. In addition, it is often important to have a business that turns over high volume quickly.

How Our Lawyers Help

For each of our clients, the lawyers of The Farrell Law Group use their years of experience in franchise law to determine whether franchising is an advisable course of action. If it is, we carefully guide clients through the legal steps necessary to franchise the business. We pride ourselves in the close, attentive service our lawyers give each client.

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